Making a Start Together

It’s been brilliant to get started on the Noticing Nature project sessions, after launching the project with the online resource pack and film a couple of weeks ago.

Over the last couple of weeks I’ve been working with four different participants in the north-west of the county, two men and two women. Together we’ve been making sketchbooks, exploring their gardens, and using drawing, rubbings, printing and collage to record what we notice about them.

The cuckoo comes in April,

He sings his song in May.

By the middle of June he changes his tune,

And then he flies away.


We haven’t heard a Cuckoo yet, but we did manage to spot a Bridget’s first swallow of the year, and she shared this rhyme in response.

All the participants so far have been referred to Celebrating Age by health and community partners, and all sessions have taken place outside. Where participants aren’t so mobile I’ve been gathering materials from around the garden for them, before returning to a suitable seating area to talk and make together.

Spring is a beautiful time of year to stop and take notice of what is happening around us. We’ve drawn primroses, watched swallows, taken prints of leaves, and made a collage to develop ideas for the new garden of a cottage that one lady will shortly be moving into.

“I’ve thoroughly enjoyed myself… it’s been so relaxing.”

If you live in Wiltshire, and are interested in being involved in the Noticing Nature project, or know someone who might benefit, please contact the Celebrating Age team.

Published by James Aldridge

Visual Artist and Consultant, working and playing with people and places. Based in Wiltshire, UK

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